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Swimming Pool Maintenance  

Proper sanitation for all pools is an important step in maintaining the clarity of water and helping to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

An electrically operated pump is the prime motivator in recirculating the water from the pool, however, by itself is often not sufficient to completely sanitize a pool. The use of proper levels of chlorine or any number of other sanitizers is also important.  

All residents with pools, hot tubs, ornamental ponds, fountains, etc. are responsible for the maintenance of these summer time recreations. Stagnate water is mosquito breeding habitats.

Let's not provide those nasty creatures a place to set-up housekeeping in Leland Grove.



The Leland Link was a quarterly newsletter published by the City of Leland Grove which provided updates on neighborhood issues and events.

In 2011, the City of Leland Grove started an effort to become paperless. Updates on items such as leaf and limb pick-up will be posted on this website. Please support our efforts to reduce costs and reduce waste.

You may also send your email address to the City Administrator Tyler Lanier at: lelandgroveadmin@comcast.net. As we build our email database, we will start to send email notifications.

Or, if you prefer, you may share your email with your specific Alderman:

  • Alderman – Ward I, Steve Klollenga klokkward1@gmail.com
  • Alderman – Ward I, June Eagan   juneeagan@icloud.com 
  • Alderman – Ward II, Jim Moll nancy.moll@comcast.net
  • Alderman – Ward II, Josh Sharp joshsharp5@gmail.com  
  • Alderman – Ward III, Sally Tamizuddin  sallytamizuddin@gmail.com 
  • Alderman – Ward III, Don Lobue  lobueda@sbcglobal.net

If you are not sure who your Alderman is or other elected officials, you may retrieve this information at the Sangamon County Clerk's Office: