City Clerk Aimee Gray








Welcome to the web page of the Leland Grove City Clerk.  I hope you find the information provided here helpful and informative.  The regular meetings of the Leland Grove City Council are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm at the Instructional Resource Center in Leland Grove. 

Minutes approved by the Council are also posted on the City’s website.


The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the accurate records of the City, which includes:

Creating the Agendas for any and all meetings

Recording the official minutes of the meetings 


Providing for the safe storage of all City documents        

Witnessing any new Ordinances, agreements or liquor license within the City of Leland Grove.

And of course, managing any additional projects as assigned by the City Council.



Aimee Gray, City Clerk, Leland Grove





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