FOIA Requests

FOIA Requests should be directed to the City Administrator.

Requests can be made in person at 2000 Chatham Rd, Springfield, Illinois 62704 or

E-mailed to or

Physically mailed to City of Leland Grove, 2000 Chatham Rd, Springfield, Il, 62704


Records requested will be made available within five (5) business days from the day after the request is made. If the City is unable to respond in five (5) business days, the City may, for specific reasons, extend its time to respond to your request by five (5) days. The City and the Requestor may mutually agree to extend the time period for response. The first fifty (50) pages of any copies are free. After that, a fee of $0.15/page per letter-sized, black & white page applies. Additional charges may apply for electronic records