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The history of the Leland Grove Police Department

The main reason Leland Grove incorporated in 1950, was to improve the conditions of the roads. To fund this project, a wheel tax was implemented on every automobile owned by the residents of this city.

With the growth of the City of Leland Grove security became a concern of the residents. In 1966 Curtis Detective Agency was hired to provide security for, both Leland Grove and the Village of Jerome. On May 25th, 1970 the services of Curtis Detective Agency were discontinued. On June 1, 1970 John Massey was appointed Deputy Marshal. He provided 72 hours of service per week for a salary of $12,000. This was officially the start of the Leland Grove Police Department.

As the city grew so did the police department. It is staffed by both full time officers and part-time officers. The department is a full-service police agency providing 24 hour police service to the citizens of Leland Grove. It patrols approximately one and half square miles and serves a population of over nineteen hundred residents.