Registered Commercial Arborist

The city council finds that the preservation of existing trees and the promotion of new planting is a public purpose that protects the public health, safety, and welfare and the environment and aesthetics of the city and its citizens and that the urban forest serves a wide variety of functions that promote the purposes of this chapter, as follows:

1. Ensuring that trimming and removal of trees is carried out in a responsible and safe manner.

2. Enhancing visual and aesthetic qualities of the city.

3. Creating a civic identity for the citizens of the city of Leland Grove, a city named for its trees.

It is the intention of the city council that this chapter be enforced so as to promote its purposes while simultaneously recognizing the legitimate interests of owners of private property.

Below, in no particular order, you will find current Registered Commercial Arborist as registered through our City. At the bottom, you may click the link to view the permits.