Message from Chief Dan Ryan





We, the police officers of Leland Grove, in pursuit of providing public safety, recognize policing as a challenging and exciting profession, which express us to diversity of people and provides us vast opportunities to make a difference as “tools of justice”.


Through re solving conflicts, high visibility, responsiveness and by providing guidance and personal policing where needed, we are determined to faithfully serve our residents and “make a difference”.


Accordingly, it is our goal to serve the residents of the City of Leland Grove by deterring crime, providing a variety of services and assisting the public with their needs in a courteous and professional manner.


We Engage the Community


We dedicated ourselves to becoming part of the community through improved communication, mutual setting of priorities and shared commitment to community policing. Together, our efforts will set the standard for the policing in the 21st century.


We Solve Problems


We seek to improve the quality of life for all residents of Leland Grove through a proactive team approach to timely and innovative interventions in community problems. We recognize that our employees are our most treasured asset and the cornerstone of our department’s success. We value the diverse and unique contributions made by police officers, residents to the common goal of public safety.